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Grain Jawhar

Grain Jawhar Pearl Loose Green is the best green tea I have had in my life

Soothing tea

Its my go to night tea, the scent and smell sends me back to morocco on a soft cloud


I love Sultan tea. It has a great flavor and just what I need to get through work or relaxing with a book.

Amazing Tea

I got recommended and purchased this Good Night Tea from Sultan tea to help me relax and have a good nights sleep. All I can say is wow this tea definitely relaxes me and I always have the best sleep after drinking this tea. I would definitely recommend the tea and sultan tea to all family and friends.

Thank you

The best tea

I ve being always using Sultan, the quality and taste is soo good

Good night teabags , Excellent ,

Lovely taste, really works to aid restful sleep in my experience.


I’m in love with this tea I just add mint to it and drink

Tea set is gorgeous

Absolutely in love with the tea set.

lo recomiendo

me encanta este set y voy a comprar más para regalar a mis mejores amig@s. Es un poco delicado pero eso le da más valor.

Tea set is fab

I have ordered 3 sets of tea sets from sultan 2 of them were gifts and one is mine
They were given to non moroccan they absolutely loved them
Very positive feedback from them
The set is classy and posh and it is my own special tea pot set i enjoy it when its me time ❤️

Very elegant

Am in love with this teapot absolutely gorgeous

Amazing tea pot

I tried it I recommend it
Thank you 🙏

Best green tea blend ever

First had the green tea with mint and sage in a lounge in the Doha airport four years ago, and it's been my favorite since. Never found an alternate brand that can compare. So good that the shipping to the US is well worth it, imo. Only wish I had more room to stock up so I never get caught waiting for a restock.

regular purchaser every month

I absolutely adore sultan Tea s

Amazing set

Beautiful tea pot and cups only think is the tea pot is very delicate.

Such a lovely Tee pot and the glassed are really nice, Love the oriental pattern on it !

Authentic Moroccan Tea

Bought Sultan mint tea when i was in Casablanca and it was lovely! Nice mint smell compare to lot mint tea you find in uk supermarket, was surprised when they have it online in the uk! Definitely would recommend!!!!!

Lovely little set

Stunning little set, very modern and stylish. It arrived in a lovely, well packaged black box. A little smaller/fragile than expected but perfect if you want something for two people.


Lovely smell and taste tea. Very minty beautiful fragrant. That’s All you need for relax after the dinner.

Tea pot

Amazing tea pot,quite fragile seems delicate but very beautiful design. I would take away one star as cannot been used on the stove unfortunately.

Lovely pot

I really enjoy my tea cup with the pot.
Thank you

In love

Beautiful very classy tea pot with 2 glasses! To share a moment of elegant that brings the afternoon tea vibes to the heart of the uk

Beautiful teapot

Nice and elegant teapot. Making you enjoy your tea time with your loved ones.

Tea pot

I enjoy my tea cup in this nice tea pot ,a sip Which takes you to Morocco ,thank you

Nice but very fragile

I love it , the packaging was really good, overall all it was a good tea pot bit on the small side the cups are so cute I can't wait to use it

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