Top Teas to Make Iced Tea in Bulk posted by Stanley Mburu on April 23 2021

Iced Tea Is the Drink of The Summer


One of our favourite drinks to serve visitors as soon as the sun is out? Yes, it’s iced tea. A light, refreshing and incredibly versatile summertime beverage, it’s the perfect thing to prepare in advance and keep in the fridge, ready for all your summer BBQ guests!


But there’s not just one way to make iced tea. Although it’s always quick and easy – you can see our How to Make Quick Iced Tea Blog for tips – there are plenty of variations you can change to make it just how you like it.


And if you’re not sure which kind of tea you should be using to make your own home-brew iced tea, take a look below to see our top suggestions!

 iced tea recipe

Black Iced Tea


Black tea is a classic go-to for any iced tea recipe and as a classic, it will always remain one of our favourites.


Try our traditional English Breakfast Tea or opt for maximum flavour richness with our Imperial Black tea bags.


As a unique alternative for your guests, you could also get creative and make minty earl grey iced ice with our Mint Grey tag bags.


Mint Iced Tea


As a Moroccan brand, we also love to make mint iced tea – another classic recipe for Sultan. If you love traditional hot mint tea, this is the perfect alternative for any warm summer’s day.


Try our best-selling Moroccan Mint Tea bags and make in exactly the same way as other black iced tea but add in some fresh sprigs of mint as a garnish too.


Green Iced Tea


A totally different flavour with a health twist perfect for summer would be green iced tea. Make this in the same way as before but add in anything you like to enhance or sweeten the flavour. From sugar to syrups, there are no rules when it comes to making your best iced tea. Try our Pure Green Tea bags to make a classic flavoured batch.


Alternatively, you could try our extra healthy green tea packed with ginger and lemongrass with our Sultan Green Tonic tea bags.


pure green tea 

Herbal Iced Tea


Fancy something fruity or herbal? Try one of our herbal teas to make your own iced tea. Our Pure Verbenalemon tea is a super refreshing choice or opt for fruity and super healthy with our Silhouette tea, packed with cherry, hibiscus, mint and liquorice.  




See, there really are no rules when it comes to making your own iced tea at home! Choose whatever tea you love the most importantly, experiment and mix it up each time. And remember, serve in tall glasses with plenty of ice and fancy-looking garnishes to get all the extra hosting points from your friends and family. Send us pics or tag us on Instagram if you use our Sultan Tea to create your own!

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